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This community is for sorority women in all groups, national, local, Historically African-American, Asian, whomever! You're welcome here.
It's for alumnae, collegiate members and prospective members to share thoughts and ideas.
If you'd like me to add your organization to the list below, just let me know at platinumpilar@hotmail.com

1. Do not promote a community here unless it is specifically Greek or sorority related. Violaters will be banned.

2. Do not delete posts. It's kind of weak.

3. Please use tags. We've had way too many repetetive discussion topics. This can be solved with tag usage.

Tags can be searched here.

Also, feel free to introduce yourself and tell us about your chapter and organization!

Founders' Days

Alpha Gamma Gamma - November 6, 2000
Alpha Gamma Delta - May 30, 1904
Alpha Delta Pi - May 15, 1851
Alpha Epsilon Phi - October 24, 1909
Alpha Theta Pi - November 15, 1948
Alpha Kappa Chi - May 17, 1978
Alpha Xi Delta - April 17, 1893
Alpha Omicron Pi - January 2, 1897
Alpha Sigma Alpha - November 15, 1901
Alpha Sigma Theta - April 17, 1984
Alpha Sigma Tau - November 4, 1899
Alpha Phi - October 10, 1872
Alpha Chi Omega - October 15, 1885
Alpha Psi Alpha - March, 1999
Beta Sigma Phi - April 30, 1931
Gamma Pi Kappa - January 25, 2004
Gamma Sigma Sigma - October 12, 1952
Gamma Phi Beta - November 11, 1874
Delta Gamma - March 15, 1873
Delta Delta Delta - Thanksgiving Eve, 1888
Delta Zeta - October 24, 1902
Delta Xi Delta - March 4, 1992
Delta Sigma Theta - January 13, 1913
Delta Phi Epsilon - March 17, 1917
Zeta Tau Alpha - October 15, 1898
Theta Nu Xi - April 11, 1997
Theta Phi Alpha - August 30, 1912
Kappa Alpha Theta - January 27, 1870
Kappa Delta - October 23, 1897
Kappa Kappa Gamma - October 13, 1870
Xi Delta - January 14, 1991
Pi Beta Phi - April 28, 1867
Sigma Alpha - January 26, 1978
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi - October 1, 1998
Sigma Alpha Iota - June 12, 1903
Sigma Beta Chi - May 1, 1958
Sigma Delta Tau - March 25, 1917
Sigma Kappa - November 9, 1874
Sigma Sigma Sigma - April 20, 1898
Sigma Psi - March 7, 1897
Sigma Psi Kappa - November 8, 1992
Tau Beta Sigma - March 26, 1946
Phi Gamma Pi- February 14, 1989
Phi Mu - March 4, 1852
Phi Rho Alpha - July 31, 2005
Phi Rho Sigma - October 24, 1984
Phi Sigma Sigma - November 26, 1913
Chi Omega - April 5, 1895
Omega Delta - Spring 1989
Omega Phi Alpha - June 15, 1967

Individual Group Communities:
Alpha Gamma Delta alphagammadelta
Alpha Delta Pi adpiviolets
Alpha Epsilon Phi aephi
Alpha Theta Pi alphathetapi
Alpha Xi Delta alphaxidelta
Alpha Omicron Pi aoii_chicas
Alpha Sigma Alpha alphasigmaalpha
Alpha Sigma Tau alphasigmatau
Alpha Phi alphaphi
Alpha Chi Omega alphachiomega
Beta Sigma Phi betasigmaphi
Gamma Sigma Sigma gammasigmasigma
Gamma Phi Beta gammaphi
Delta Gamma deltagammas
Delta Delta Delta deltadeltadelta
Delta Zeta deltazeta
Delta Phi Epsilon dphie
Zeta Tau Alpha zta
Theta Phi Alpha thetaphialpha
Kappa Alpha Theta katheta
Kappa Delta kappadelta
Kappa Kappa Gamma kappakappagamma
Xi Delta xidelta
Pi Beta Phi pibetaphi
Sigma Alpha sigma_alpha
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi saepi
Sigma Alpha Iota sigmaalphaiota
Sigma Delta Tau sigdelts
Sigma Kappa sigmak
Sigma Sigma Sigma sigmasigmasigma
Tau Beta Sigma taubetasigma
Phi Gamma Pi phigam
Phi Mu phimuqueen
Phi Rho Alpha phirhoalpha
Phi Sigma Rho phisigmarho
Phi Sigma Sigma phisig_sistas
Chi Omega chiomega
Omega Phi Alpha omegaphialpha
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