..::bella vita::.. (por_que_no) wrote in sororitygirl,
..::bella vita::..

house question

This is probably the dumbest question ever, but since I'm in a local sorority we've run things differently, and I'm wondering...

Who's responsible for setting policies for your sorority houses (such as the substance free policies, no-boys-living-in policies, etc)...is it Panhel or your alumnae boards/whoever owns the house?

I'm wondering because we're actually moving into a former frat house on campus that's now owned by a rental company, so we wouldn't be under the constraints of an alumnae board (we're actually very new and have no alumnae as of yet, either!) but we are trying to apply to Panhel this year and want to align ourselves with their policies so they know we're serious.

Tags: housing
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