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8th February 2009

renatatherere10:27pm: quick question:

our sorority is looking for new bids ideas... we have our traditions, but were looking for new ones!

does anyone have any ideas?

1st February 2009

jeweledeyes6:31pm: Crafty
Inspired by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Barbie, I decided to make something for my sorority:

I had a lot of fun making it and I thought it turned out really well, especially for a first attempt!

29th November 2008

prease1:45pm: Panhellenic Nike+ Challenge!
Hey everyone!

For those of you who use the Nike+ running kit, I recommend that you join the 2009 Panhellenic challenge and represent your organization next year in a competition to run the most miles! So far only Phi Mu, ADPi, and Alpha Phi are represented!

To find the challenge, click HERE!

If you don't have Nike+... consider adding it to your Christmas list. It is a lot of fun and will turn almost anyone on to running (my own mom now runs 5k daily because of it!)

Just thought I'd pass the info along... happy running, Panhellenic women! :)

28th September 2008

jeweledeyes5:12pm: Fanlisting
I feel like sororities have been getting a lot of bad press recently, so I decided that it was high time that the good side of sororities be recognized. So I decided to make a fanlisting.

I don't know if a lot of you know what fanlistings are. To quote TheFanlistings.org, "A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country." So basically, this is a site that says, "Sororities are wonderful, positive organizations and I'm here to recognize that," and by joining, you're saying, "I agree, I think sororities are awesome."

The fanlisting isn't affiliated with any one sorority or organization like NPC, and recognizes all forms of sororities out there. On the join form, I added an option for people to name their favorite sorority (i.e., the one they are a member of), but that field is optional. I hope that some of you will consider dropping by and maybe adding your name (just a first name or screenname will do) to the memberlist and repping your sorority!

The link is: http://noble-scarlet.net/sororities
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9th April 2008

jeweledeyes8:32pm: Alpha Delta Pi - new alumnae association
Hi girls!

My name is Lisa, and I'm a recent graduate of Sonoma State University and one of the founders of the Theta Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. :-) I just wanted to let you know that some of the Theta Gamma alums and I have gotten together and chartered an Alumnae Association for Sonoma County, California.

If any of you are alum of Alpha Delta Pi living in the Sonoma area or know of girls that are, we would love to have you join our association! Please feel free to leave a comment and I will give you more info. :-D

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6th April 2008

strattone3:08pm: Kappa Love

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Although I am alum, I am sooooo proud of my girls. 
We just won Greek Week for the 32nd (count it....32) year in a row. It's pretty sweet. ;o)
Enjoy watching our AirBand..."Rock Show." 

8th March 2008

moonyfairy7:08pm: greetings, greek girls!

my name is ashley, and although i am unaffiliated right now, i'm very familiar with the greek community. i go to a small liberal arts school with 4 sororities and 3 fraternities, and i have tons of friends who went greek. right now there is a group at my school who is interested in opening our greek life to historically black sororities and fraternities. my friend alwyn is spearheading this movement, and i have offered my help to him in researching, making contacts, etc. right now our one obstacle is that although we have a small yet concentrated minority population, and various other people (white, asian, international, etc) who are interested in colonizing, i doubt if we could all agree on one fraternity and sorority to start with. the main plan is to implement individual pledging through other, larger schools with historically black chapters that are chartered to accept out-of-school members.

have any of your ladies had smaller schools pledge into your respective sororities? or perhaps you or someone you know pledged into a larger sorority? also, have any of you started a chapter of a greek organization on your campus? any and all input would be much appreciated! thanks!

6th March 2008

aintmisbehavin5:39am: RIP Lauren Burk
If there are any Auburn DGs in this community, I just want to let you know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. LITB


21st February 2008

sandylovesyou11:40am: Campus Expansion News
Since it's quiet in here, I suppose I'll break the silence. Info is behind the cut!Collapse )
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12th November 2007

kellygara9:18pm: Hey! I'm new and I have a few questions

I really want to rush but I dont know what to wear & what style, or what NOT to wear

What kind of things do you do during rush?  What do y'all look for?

Any tips on how I can get into my sorority of choice?

Thanks, I really appreciate your comments! <3

10th November 2007

you_say_party1:05pm: alpha delta pi's!!
The Theta Gamma chapter at Sonoma State in CA has now been initiated and installed!!

12th September 2007

book_bitch4:19pm: recruitment decorations!
Hey ladies! I just joined this community and I've got a question for you all.

My chapter is gearing up for formal recruitment next week! (Wooooo! We're all excited. Stressed, but excited.) This Saturday, I am meeting up with a couple sisters to make door decorations for the new girls we'll be getting in a week. Does anyone have any cute ideas?

<3 Tori
Phi Mu

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22nd August 2007

por_que_no12:22am: house question
This is probably the dumbest question ever, but since I'm in a local sorority we've run things differently, and I'm wondering...

Who's responsible for setting policies for your sorority houses (such as the substance free policies, no-boys-living-in policies, etc)...is it Panhel or your alumnae boards/whoever owns the house?

I'm wondering because we're actually moving into a former frat house on campus that's now owned by a rental company, so we wouldn't be under the constraints of an alumnae board (we're actually very new and have no alumnae as of yet, either!) but we are trying to apply to Panhel this year and want to align ourselves with their policies so they know we're serious.


30th May 2007

jek_nine1:05am: Greek on ABC Family
I'm not sure how many of you already knew about this, but my school's Greek advisor sent out this email to us regarding the new TV show on ABC Family about Greek lifeCollapse )

I'm actually very interested in watching the show and seeing what it really shows, but apparently it seems to be perpetuating stereotypes. I feel like people are finally getting over the stereotypes they've seen on MTV's "Sorority Girls" and now there's going to be a new show out there. But at the same time, I wonder whether just the publicity of Greek life in general will actually make it more attractive to some people.

(if it wasn't obvious, Greek life is not huge at my college. I just graduated from SUNY Geneseo, where approximately 10% of the campus is Greek, and Greek life is not really valued in the campus community)

29th May 2007

savings11:03pm: :)
Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about my GPA. I sent the Panhellenic president a message on facebook a few days ago & she responded with her thoughts. At work today our Greek Advisor called me & told me that I had nothing to worry about. Also, that the different sororities had to verify my GPA through her. She said she would let them know that my high school GPA was a 3.7.

Since most girls going through rush are freshmen, she said the GPA standards are lowered a little for college students. She was so nice! She just kept telling me that it was nothing to worry about & that girls get bids every year with way lower GPAs than mine. I feel a lot better now :)
savings12:06am: GPA
I was planning on doing rush this fall & I'm a little worried about my GPA. What is the minimum most sororities require? I had a 3.14 at the end of first semester & I made all B's 2nd semester except for one class that I was pretty sure I had a C in, but I failed it... bringing my overall GPA down to a 2.4

Do you think I'll be able to pledge? I hope so :(
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28th May 2007

toryncat9:16pm: Cute Handmade Sorority Stuff
Hi, everyone. A few years back, I made some sorority gift items and sold them on eBay. I got a few nasty-grams from the licensing company, so I stopped selling them. But I have a few leftovers that I would like to offer to anyone who would like them, for free, but hopefully you would not mind contributing a few dollars to cover postage and cost of supplies.

Pictures and descriptions under the cuts:

Delta Phi Epsilon Notecards Read more...Collapse )

Chi Omega Notecards Read more...Collapse )

Kappa Kappa Gamma Scrapbook page kit Read more...Collapse )

These would make great big sister/little sister gifts. Please reply if you're interested (or e-mail me directly- torynk at yahoo), and we can work out details. I worked hard on these items, and would like to see them go to good homes! Thanks for helping me de-clutter my house.

25th May 2007

drhope11:59pm: hi!
Hello! My name is Amber, I'm a Sigma Kappa at the Gamme Beta Chapter (Western Michigan University).  I just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself :)


24th May 2007

pilarcruz2:08pm: 10 years
It just occurred to me that I have been a Tri Delta for 10 years. How long have you been a member of your organization?
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20th May 2007

you_say_party3:27pm: ADPI!
hi ladies!
i just wanted to say hello. i'm a memeber of a local sorority that just this weekend made the decision to become a colony of alpha delta pi! we all became alpha members on saturday.i'm so excited to start this new chapter of my sorority experience!


8th May 2007

piccali10:26pm: Sisterhood Retreat
I'm looking into organizing a Sisterhood Retreat in the fall.  It's something we've never done before and I feel like we need to build up the sisterhood feelings and that this would help.  Because I've never planned something on this scale and because my chapter hasn't done this before, I'm in need of some help.  What are some of the activities you've liked at Retreats?  What hasn't gone over well with your sisterhood?  Also, if you can recommend a location in North FL/South GA, that'd be great :)

Thanks so much!

1st May 2007

aintmisbehavin11:57pm: Ugh
On Boston Legal tonight one of the cases was a sorority girl from "Gamma Kappa Tau" whose national HQ had come in and done a membership review on her campus and kicked out half the girls and only let the "pretty, thin, popular girls" stay. When will everyone just let the Delta Zeta drama die? There is no need to mock them on television.

That's all.
shootingstarz2412:18pm: Graduation Stole?
Hello all,

I was just wondering, pertaining to National sororities, does headquarters provide graduation stoles with your particular greek organization on it? I'm wondering if Phi Sig does this in particular as that is my organization and I'd really love to have a stole for graduation. If anyone, Phi Sig or not, knows please reply! Thanks!
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16th April 2007

renatatherere8:18pm: hi from SUNY geneseo
hi, i just joined this community cause i saw one of my thusa friends was in it. im in Alpha Delta Epsilon... i was wondering if anyone had any good rush ideeas for the fall? were a smaller, local organization, and all events have to be dry (school policy)

thanks :) :) :)

8th April 2007

miss_tami_lee4:02pm: hello from WSU
i just joined this community and wanted to say hi! i finally got initiated into the alpha gamma chapter of SIGMA KAPPA!
i love my house and my sisters, and even though i have only been greek since this semester, i already love it and cant wait to move in next semester!
sigma love!
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